This page is dedicated to our network's gameplay. The following descriptions will give you a brief explanation of how each gameplay works and help you get started. New gameplays will be added to this page, so stay tuned with often visits!
Our survival server and its gameplay is based around simplicity. Join the server, find teammates, travel far from spawn, place the protection-block and start building your base or even your own community.
Fall down the map and enter a free-for-all pvp gameplay. Kill players, achieve high killstreaks, and gather as many coins you can. Once you have gathered enough coins, buy a new kit and greatly increase your skill and chances of winning.
PDT Server
Watch your favorite youtubers and their friends play all together in the latest version of Minecraft. Be a spectator and help them identify incoming dangers, notify them of possible loot, and ensure their gameplay is as amazing as yours.
Enjoy a one-verus-one gameplay by selecting one of the few very much loved kits of Minecraft. Click each other with the selected item and the best shall win!