is a creative Minecraft network owned by two massive Greek youtubers, known as PanosDent & Gianuba22. It offers known but also unique gameplays, with creative ideas, apparent competition, and nostalgic touches by previously famous & legendary games. Join now using the address below!


Our network offers a variety of gameplays, with many more upcoming in the future. We have reputable developers who build custom games for us, with nostalgic touches from the gaming community's favorite periods, known as "the good old days".
Our system is equiped with a custom leaderboard system that changes every few months. Each season brings updates to our gameplays but also changes they way you have to compete to reach the top 100 players.

Our store offers a few simple but creative ranks, and many perks that can completely change the gameplay experience of one or multiple players.
Our servers run under specific rules, and we are very strict about them to ensure the gameplay of each player is positive and fair. If you found someone to be violating our rules, please use the support page or the in-game reporting system.
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In case you have questions or need help, we are here to help. Please click the button below to be redirected to our support form.
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